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Green Technology

At SCMSP we know that talking about “being green” and actually taking steps to make a difference are two very opposite things.

Green Technology | Green IT Technology Solutions

SCMSP is committed to leveraging our innovative business and technology expertise, to lessen the environmental impact, achieve sustainability of business and our planet. Our goal is to become an industry leader in environmental sustainability through the improvement of energy and resource intensive processes and behaviors with more efficient alternatives.

All of our staff, partners, and contractors have a strong commitment to our company’s green belief systems. It is one of the ways that new team members are chosen. We believe that we are stewards here and that all of us have a responsibility to respect our global community by protecting the earth. To that aim we use our technological expertise.

We believe in preserving the environment

By always working with our clients to find the lowest energy option when upgrading or replacing systems, lower energy use means lower run costs. We go one step further and know which of our suppliers share our beliefs and always recommend them when appropriate.

We believe in reducing our carbon footprint

Less carbon emissions may slow down global warming.

We believe in creating an environment of change

Where innovation is encouraged and like minds work together for a common goal.

We believe in environmental sustainability

To provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environment, now and into the future, we continuously focus on improving our efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of our operations.

Areas of interest

We would love to share our expertise and collaborate with customers and strategic partners within these areas to address the world’s environmental challenges to ensure a sustainable future:

  • Green IT Solutions and Business Requirements
  • Turnkey Solutions for the renewable energy industry
  • The Clean Tech Market
  • The Environmental Market
  • The Development of Solar, Wind, and other new clean technologies
  • Emerging Markets

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