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Focus on Healthcare

SCMSP Understands and Meets the Challenges of Today’s Healthcare Organizations

SCMSP Healtthcare Solutions | Medical Archiving, PACS migrations, EMR conversions, medical billing and more.

There are continual changes and transitions, HIPAA regulations, and ICD-10 conversions looming in the near future. Just a few of the issues healthcare providers must sort through and deal with, soon! The complexities and costs of compliance can seem overwhelming, but our team of experts is standing by to help you now and at any point in the future.

SCMSP’s experience in management consulting is brought to bear in the healthcare industry by assisting hospitals, clinics, laboratories and healthcare providers with the following deliverables:

  • Conforming to HIPAA standards and certifications
  • Organizing, manipulating and controlling data
  • Streamlining document workflow
  • Implementing security safeguards and controls
  • Recommending and installing the necessary upgrades in hardware and software

SCMSP brings the best in class Healthcare solutions and best practices together to solve today’s organizational and data problems from our signature “People, Processes, and Technology” prospective. We have the ability and experience to take a high level view of your healthcare environment and develop a strategy and execution plan around your current culture for maximum efficiency with minimal or no down time.

What We Offer:

  • Medical Archiving
  • PACS Migrations
  • EMR Conversion
  • Medical Billing
  • Meaningful Use Assessments
  • ICD 9 to 10 Conversions
  • Revenue Impact Analysis
  • Business Intelligence/Performance Management/Analytics
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning/High Availability
  • Application Development
  • Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Technology Solutions
  • Document Management
  • Security Assessments around document routing
  • Cost recovery
  • Print Management/OPS
  • Automation
  • Call/Contact Center
  • Mobility
  • Tablet
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Barcoding Solutions

Our goal at SCMSP is to work with you to understand and navigate the new rules and regulations in the way that is best for your organization, and provide so much value that we become a part of your team.

Contact us today to utilize our solutions for healthcare and move your business forward. We offer a free initial consultation and evaluation.