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PACS Migration and Medical Data Archiving

The number of medical images generated each year continues to increase exponentially.

PACS Migration and Medical Data Archiving - SmartStore from TeraMedica Healthcare It Solution

Today, national mandates call for the move to implement an electronic health record (EHR) for all healthcare organizations. Given this backdrop, healthcare providers face numerous critical decisions as they try to integrate images and associated text data. The task and the solutions may seem overwhelming; however help is on the way!

Historically, healthcare organizations have consisted of silo-minded archival solutions, employing PACS systems that lack crucial connectivity features. Smartstore’s vendor neutral archive solution supports your infrastructure by providing:

  • Efficient integration of multiple clinical IT environments (RIS/HIS/EMR/PACS).
  • Uniquely managed data and transactions, each with their own quality of service.
  • Improved patient care by simplifying the sharing of all clinical content between PACS, departments, and facilities.
  • Coordination of multiple patient IDs and a Master Patient Index.
  • Controlled access for HIPAA security (need-to-know access).

On a smarter planet, healthcare providers would deliver more personalized patient care, higher quality medical insights and efficiencies that yield results, using systems that are increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Working with our team can make your business world that much smarter.

These advances, however, rest on a complex foundation — supporting terabytes of new data created annually and incurring high costs, security risks and multi-platform roadblocks to collaboration. Large and complex volumes of data require sophisticated storage capabilities. The best use of medical information demands fast, easy, and collaborative cross-departmental access at the patient level.

Organizations like IBM, Dell, HP, EMC, NetApp, Pillar Data Systems, Nexsan Technologies, and SCMSP have decided to align with TeraMedica® to address these data storage requirements, collaborative usage needs, patient-centered care and business challenges for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

TeraMedica’s Evercore® Clinical Enterprise Suite in combination with premier storage systems of your choice provides a robust medical archive solution built on a vendor neutral architecture that delivers secure, consistent image management and distribution at the point of care.

The Evercore platform is purpose-built to maximize the value of digital diagnostic and treatment content with solutions that provide cross-standard and cross-application image visibility. It enables healthcare organizations to migrate data easily to different vendors, as well as support digital tools that enhance patient care, physician performance and staff efficiency.

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Why Choose Us

The Pre and Partial PACS Migration

The Pre-PACS Institution includes 100 to 200 bed hospitals or clinics completing 60,000 to 100,000 imaging procedures per year. For this type of healthcare institution, the TeraMedica Evercore Pre-PACS solution builds a smarter digital foundation. This allows time to plan for the best-of-breed PACS decision without the enormous cost of a complete PACS implementation.

The Pre-PACS model can also apply to smaller facilities within a larger Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) or to new departments added to meet patient demand.

Scalable Digital Infrastructure

TeraMedica, the leader and originator of Vendor Neutral Archive, brings together silos of clinical content under one institutional infrastructure that works with hyper-intelligence, hyper-speed and hyper-sensitivity to lower the total cost of ownership.

TeraMedica’s Evercore solution lays a strong foundation infrastructure for image and data management that grows with the institution's enterprise, until the time is right for PACS. The PACS decision is made without having invested in a long-term storage and without any worries about future data migration.

Evercore – Smartstore™ module leads in the vendor neutral hyper-archive arena with its recently awarded patent. Smartstore can be configured to manage the data and transactions using the same shared infrastructure for multiple sites, facilities, departments, and business units. The healthcare provider has one common data storage and management infrastructure, with data from numerous clinical business units managed uniquely and independently of one another.

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