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Unified Communications

Explore the possibilities, Embrace UC technology & Empower your enterprise!

Unified communications - IP Telephony, VoIP collaboration tools.

Unifying your enterprise just got easier, Let SCMSP customize a Unified Communications strategy for your business.

Let’s face it; the Internet, social media, and smart devices are here to stay and have changed our personal and business lives forever. We now live in an "Enterprise is Always On" business society, where it is not only wise to be connected at all times but essential. Never before has so much information been so readily available at our fingertips. It was once said that information is power. Now how, when, and where we access information is truly powerful. Unified Communications has changed everything. Welcome to the brave new world where everything and everybody is connected and business is always on.

So what is Unified Communications really?

UC is defined as communications integrated to optimize business processes. UC integrates real-time and non-real time communications with business processes and requirements based on multiple capabilities. Under Unified Communications our clients receive a consistent user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types. UC is not a single product it’s a solution made up of a variety of elements including: Voice, Data , Video, IM, Unified Messaging (Voice Mail, E-Mail, Fax Mail & Fax2Text) Collaboration (File & Document Sharing, FMFM (Follow Me Find Me), HD Video & Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Calendaring, CRM Integration, Presence Management & Advanced Mobility Services with seamless integration for I-Phone, Android & Tablets.

Why you need UC now?

Life without Unified Communications is so old school. It’s like sending a fax, checking voice mail from your desk phone or hopping on a plane to meet a client for the first time. All acceptable but not optimal ways in which to communicate. With Unified Communications instantly all of that changes you are no longer strapped to a desk, office or to a device. You can conduct business virtually anywhere and that compounded across your entire business is a clear advantage to any enterprise that embraces the technology. Businesses need Unified Communications now because it’s the smart move. Your business deserves the best solutions and a Unified Communications solution from SCMSP is definitely the right move to make.

It is imperative in today’s competitive business climate to set your business apart from the average, ordinary or mediocre businesses. In fact you must be the best in many cases just to win the business nowadays. By implementing a Unified Communications platform from SCMSP you will convey to your staff, clients and partners that you are taking your business to the next level. Advanced technologies make us quicker, sharper and better than ever and it shows in enhanced productivity, superior service, increased efficiencies and heightened corporate moral.

No longer is it acceptable or prudent to be connected just to your staff and other remote employees but also colleagues, alliance partners, suppliers, key clients, and of course our families. In fact collaboration is so crucial today that without the right collaboration tools your competitors will quickly gain the advantage and reduce your company’s market dominance. Let us help with a proactive strategy that put’s you in control of your enterprise’s success.

24/7 Always On

The enterprise is always on, and money & business never sleeps. We are conducting business in different time zones with numerous partners and colleagues down the hall, in another state or maybe even in another continent. With Unified Communications you empower your entire enterprise with one sound business decision. If you are truly ready to explore the vast possibilities and implement a strategy that will transform and revolutionize your business let SCMSP be your guide.

Contact us today and we can customize an affordable premise based or hosted in the cloud solution that meets all of your immediate requirements and provides a clear migration path to future possibilities as your enterprise grows.

Why Choose Us

Unified Communications available features include:


  • Email
  • Voice Mail
  • Fax Mail
  • Fax 2 Text
  • Video
  • Instant Messaging (IM)


  • Audio
  • Video


  • HD Audio
  • HD Video
  • Multi-point
  • Web / Webinar


  • Calendar / Scheduling
  • Online
  • Mobility /Telephony = Integration with Smart Phones & Tablets

Information Sharing/Collaboration

  • Web Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Document Sharing / White Boarding

Key Benefits:

  • Secure enterprise-wide Unified Communications
  • Global presence and single number contact
  • Seamless roaming between sites
  • Unique distributed architecture
  • Survivability and disaster recovery
  • Easy set-up and administration
  • Supports thousands of users
  • Ability to network satellite offices & remote staff on demand

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